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15 Number Slide

This is the very first app I made! It is the sliding number puzzle that many people may be familiar with already. I knew I had to make this game for iOS and if you explore 15 Number Slide's page you'll find out why!

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States Plates Challenge

The family oriented game that everyone has played at some point, while driving for an extended period of time. Also known as the "License Plate Game" this app lets you keep track of all the license plates you see while driving. Learn more about this app by checking out States Plates Challenge's page!

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THE TicTacToe

There is an interesting story behind why I made my third app, THE TicTacToe. While it is easy to get entertainment out of playing tic-tac-toe there are already many apps for it on the App Store. But that didn't stop me from making my own version. Check out THE TicTacToe's page to learn what is going on behind the scenes in this clean and simple version of the classic game!

Github Repos

Flip Label

A label that animates changes in text with a flip effect. This is used in THE TicTacToe.

Gradual Blur View

A view that can gradually blur the content behind it. Set the exact level of blur and the blur type. Choose from the 3 standard blur types on iOS.

Popup Gradual Blur View

A view that can gradually blur content behind it, while content on the view itself pops upward onto the screen. Very useful when there are views that need to be overlayed other views. Blur the background while drawing attention to what's important. This is used in THE TicTacToe.

Color Wheel

A full color wheel that can be easily added to any app. This also provides functionality for determining the color at a specified point on the color wheel. This is used in THE TicTacToe.

Drive Backup

Backup files from Google Drive onto your computer or an external hard drive. It is very quick because it can use previous backups to get files that haven't changed on Google Drive. Also, provides multiple backup types so no matter how you want to backup your data, Drive Backup can do it.